Calcite is also known as chalk powder or natural calcium carbonate. It is in bright white color and we supply Calcite varying from sizes of 300 Mesh upto 2 Microns.

Chemical/Typical composition

CaCO3 Above 95%
MgCO3 2.5%
Al2O3 Less than 1%
Dry Brightness 96 + 2%
Bulk Density 0.5 to 1.1 gm/ml

Industrial Applications

  1. Super white quality of calcite in powder form (300 mesh upto 2 Microns) is used in the manufacture of Paint and distemper.
  2. Calcite in pulverized form finds use mostly as filler in rubber and textile goods.
  3. A considerable quantity is also used in the ceramics industry for the preparation of glazes.
  4. It is also used in the manufacture of cement, calcium carbide, metal polish and sometimes also as a fluxing agent.

We offer Calcite in different grades as follows:

–          Calcite 2 Microns

–          Calcite 5 Microns

–          Calcite 10 Microns

–          Calcite 500 Mesh

–          Calcite 400 Mesh

–          Calcite 300 Mesh

We also offer Grounded Calcite Powder as per customers specification