Talc / Soapstone

Talc / SoapStone / Steatite

(Chemical Name: Hydrated Magnesium Silicate (3MgO.4SiO2H2O)

Talc / Soapstone also known as Steatite Powder in pulverized form is whiter in appearance. We offer Talc in varying fineness, from 200 Mesh to size of 700 Mesh. Talc / Soapstone is used as a filler in paper, rubber, textile, paints, face and talcum powder, soap, fireproof roofing, foundry facings, lubricants, linoleum and oilcloth, electrical insulation, and pottery.

Chemical/Typical composition

SiO2 60%
MgO 30%
CaO 3.0%
Whiteness From 70% to 94%
Oil Absorption 35-40
Bulk Density 0.3-0.45 gm/ml

Industrial Applications

Pulverized talc has wide industrial applications as follows:

1)   Paints: In this industry, talc of fine mesh (300 Mesh) is preferred. It is used as paint or an extender in paint industry. Colour, particle size and oil absorption are the main criteria for selecting talc for paint manufacture.

2)   Paper: Talc Powder of 200-300 Mesh Size is required as filler in Paper Industry.

3)   Textiles: Textile industry also prefers talc powder free from grit and colouration.

4)   Cosmetics: In the manufacture of body and face powder, finely pulverized talc of very high purity is used.

5)  Rubber: In rubber industry talc is used to prevent rubber moulds from sticking and as a compounding material in the preparation of certain types of hard rubber. We offer Talc Powder of fine mesh all passing through 200 Mesh.

6)   Ceramics: Talc is increasingly being used in the manufacture of Artwares, Jars, Wall and floor tiles.

7)  Fertilizers: A fair proportion of Talc powder 400 Mesh is used in the manufacture of pesticides and insecticides.

We offer Talc / Soapstone in different grades as per Customers requirements as follows:

Talc Powder Ultrafine

Talc Powder Microfine

Talc Powder 400 Mesh

Talc Powder 300 Mesh

Talc Powder Off White