Elemental Carbon C

GRAPHITE is a form of elemental carbon. Graphite is used in several fields due to its electrical conductivity and chemical properties

Chemical/Typical composition

Fixed Carbon From 50% to 95%
Volatile Matter From 6% to 1%
Ash Contain Balance

Industrial Applications

1. Graphite is extensively used in Lubricants, Pencil & Carbon Brushes, Foundry Facing.

2. Graphite is used in paints like chimney black paint, boiler paint, & speciality coatings.

3. Graphite is used in rubber and plastic industry.

4. Graphite is also used in manufacture of battery cells, graphite pencils, crucibles, retards, cathode ray tubes, and motor and generator brushes.


We offer Graphite in different grades as follows:

  • Graphite Powder of Purity from 50 % to 95%
  • Graphite Flakes of different mesh sizes ranging from -20 to +100