China Clay / Kaolin Clay

China Clay / Kaolin Clay

Chemical Name: Aluminium Silicate (Al2O3, 2SiO2, 2H2O)

China Clay / Kaolin Clay is naturally occurring hydrated Aluminium Silicate. It mainly has oil absorbing properties, reduced shine and translucent properties. It also provides hiding effect and reduces the usage of TiO2 to a great extent.

Chemical/Typical composition of China Clay / Kaolin Clay & Calcined Clay

Parameters China Clay / Kaolin Clay Calcined Clay
SiO2 44 to 47% 48%
Al2O3 35.85 to 39% 41%
Loss on Ignition 12% Below 1%
Specific Gravity 2.7 2.41
Oil Absorption 25-32 42
pH 6.5 to 7 6.5 to 7

Industrial Applications

1.Paper Industry: China Clay is used as a filler which reduces its overall cost, improves its printing properties such as brightness, smoothness and gloss.

2.Paint Industry: China Clay forms the basic raw material as an extender for Water based decorative paints. Solvent based decorative paints. Protective and OEM coatings; domestic appliance finishes; electrophoresis coatings; coil coatings; traffic markings; printing inks.

3.Rubber Industry: China Clay is incorporated into both natural and synthetic rubber compounds and is the rubber industry’s most widely used non-black filler with reinforcing properties: Cable insulations: cable sheath; hose; extrusions; belting; footwear; pharmaceutical; seals; general mouldings; plant lining; domestic mouldings; latex; tyres/inner tubes.

4.Plastics Industry: China Clay has many uses as a filler in plastics: Speciality films: PE master batch; PE cables; PE film; pPVC cables; pPVC extrusions; PVC plastisols; PP mouldings; polyamide mouldings; PBT/PET mouldings; unsaturated polyester; urea formaldehyde; phenol formaldehyde.

5. Ceramics Industry: China Clay is widely used in the manufacture of whiteware ceramics. Kaolin and Calcined clay are used for refractory applications.

6.White cement: In the production of white cement, iron is a deleterious component which can be avoided by using kaolin, an alumina silicate with very low iron content.

7.Other industries: Pharmaceutical, quality leather; textiles; inks, dyes, adhesives, crayons and pencils; toothpastes and cosmetic applications; chemicals industry, Plastic film, Video and audio tapes, where clays are used as anti-blocking agents, Laundry products, Washing powders and detergents.

We offer China Clay of different grades as follows:

–          Kaolin Clay Micro White Powder

–          Kaolin Clay Levigated Ultrafine Powder

–          China Clay Super White Powder

–          China Clay 300,400 & 500 Mesh Powder

–          China Clay Crude Powder / China Clay Ordinary Powder

We also offer Calcined Clay as per specification.