Barytes & Precipitated Barium Sulphate

(Chemical Name: Barium Sulphate (BaSO4)

Barytes or Barite is widely used in the fields of all kinds of high-grade paint, engineering plastic, medicine compounding chemical industry, rubber, paper-making, pottery, cosmetic etc because it has a lot of advantages, such as a strong inertia, good stability, acid and alkali proof, moderate rigidity, high specific gravity, high whiteness, absorb in harmful radial.

Chemical/Typical composition

BaSo4 98 to 99%
SiO2 1.2%
Fe2O3 0.05%
CaO Below 1%
Specific Gravity 4.3
Oil Absorption 10-15 % w/w
pH 6.5 to 7.5

Industrial Applications

  • Barytes is mainly used in oil-well drilling
  • Paint Industry: In Paint Industry, it can be used as filling to Control the viscosity of the paint

compatibly to make the products with bright color, good stability.

  • Plastic Industry: In plastic industry, it is used as the filling of plastic ABS to make the products with

bright color. It also can improve the intensity, stiffness and abrasive resistance.

  • Rubber Industry: In rubber industry, Barytes less than 500 mesh can be used as the filling of rubber

products to save cost. It can improve the intensity, and acid, alkali, and water proof, and also has

benefit for the Natural Rubber and Synthetic Rubber.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: In medicine, it is extensively used as a filler.
  • Paper-Making Industry: In the papermaking industry, high-refined barytes powder can be used as the

filling of white paperboard and coat paper, improve the whiteness and percentage of coverage.

  • Cosmetics Industry: In cosmetics, it can be used as a substitute of titanium dioxide, for its white and

gentle, and harmless property to the skin.

We offer Precipitated Barium Sulphate in different grades as follows:

  • Pptd Barium Sulphate Grade A
  • Pptd Barium Sulphate Grade B

We offer Barytes in different grades as follows:

  • Barytes Extra Super Snow White Micro (upto 2 Microns)
  • Barytes Micro ( upto 2 Microns)
  • Barytes Super Snow White (500 Mesh powder)
  • Barytes Off color ( 250 Mesh, 300 Mesh, 500 Mesh size powder)